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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Feb 28, 2024

This is episode 654.

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Today’s show featured an interview with Steve Harris, President Alteryx Public Sector.

STEVE’S ADVICE:  “People need to be responsible for their own development. That means that they need to hold their manager accountable, their second level manager accountable. They need to gain a baseline for where am I from a talent and development perspective. What are the things that you believe I do well and what are the things that you can help me understand that I could do better? Performance, we’re here to deliver on the numbers that we’re given. We’re here to create results. How do I know the time that I’m spending is actually going to be accretive to those outcomes? Do I have a strong strategy? Do I know how to build ecosystem and relationships across the industry around my client? How do I know that I’m building good, solid pipeline? How do I personally pressure test that? How am I always thinking ahead to my plan to close?”