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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Apr 24, 2023

This is episode 601.

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SCOTT’S TIP:  “Don’t forget about the math. A really good salesperson must understand the math of their client. If you’re just reasonably good at math, you end up being a better salesperson. Understanding the business content, understanding how their budgeting process works, understanding how they evaluate a decision to invest or not invest. Understanding the business context of is this solution going to help you with your top line story or is it going to help you with your bottom line story?

JEANETTE’S TIP:  “Have great mentors. I have had amazing mentors, both men and women. Right now, Michele Bettencourt, the chair of our board meets with me every other week. It’s a huge investment of her time. A mentor goes a long way in helping you to progress your career. But also just someone that you can discuss things with, and throw ideas against and get feedback on. It doesn’t always have to be, “How do I get from step A, to step B, to step C?” It’s like, “Hey, I’m thinking this. What do you think?” Surround yourself with great mentors.”