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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Feb 22, 2022

This is episode 475.

Tips for sales career success.

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ANDRES’ TIP: “As you start reflecting on whether or not you want to make a change, ask yourself, “Am I running away from something or am I running towards something?” Because if you are running away from something, then really understanding what this next opportunity is, is it more of the same or is it really truly an opportunity? Am I running towards it? Really spend some time reflecting so that you don’t become that no-show, or you’re not that person that is constantly switching jobs because you haven’t figured out exactly what it is that you want to do with your career.

WILL’S TIP: “Get really good at asking great questions. It is, to me, the number one skill that I see out there that really makes a difference, and understanding the second, third, and fourth level questions. Do question trees. I would challenge everyone to do one a day. It is game-changing to be able to be prepared for the answers you’re going to get and be able to really facilitate a conversation to get to that impact, become a great question-asker, incredibly curious.”