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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Jan 17, 2024

This is episode 647.

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Today's show featured an interview with Ang McManamon, Vice President of Sales at Crunchbase.

Read more about the Institute for Excellence in Sales Premier Women in Sales designation and program here.

ANG'S ADVICE:  "For an individual contributor, take some time and think through your sales process and what’s one thing that you could get better at, and work on that for the next 30, 45 days. That should always be happening. For leaders, are you emulating play with your team enough? Are you making sure that they’re celebrating in the time of possibly remote only or not being able to see each other in person? Are you making sure that you’re taking care of them and they’re feeling that playfulness of sales and relaxing a bit when they can and enjoying the moment?"