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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Jan 5, 2022

This is episode 453.

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TIFFANY’S TIP: “Seek mentors. I always encourage people because mentors are a powerful thing to have. They can help you with career advice. They can help you through professional transitions. They can help you get some insider advice into promotions that you want or that are available. I think mentors are such a powerful thing. You could have one or two or build an army of mentors. Maybe it is someone that you meet once a month for coffee, I think that every mentor-mentee relationship is different, but someone that you can reach out to that you trust that can give you advice and that you can maybe perhaps lend some value to when you can as well, is really important. Then once you’re in a position where you can mentor somebody else, be a mentor and be a guide.”

LACEY’S TIP: “Make yourself known outside of your direct team. And just say yes to the next opportunity that’s presented to you. Sometimes it means getting out of your comfort zone a little bit. If it’s something that maybe scares you a little bit, like speaking up in a meeting, or sharing a new idea that you have, or doing a presentation or public speaking, saying yes to just putting yourself in a different scenario even though it might be scary, it’s only going to help you grow as a leader.