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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Aug 17, 2020

This is episode 262.

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ALAN'S TIP TO SALES LEADERS: "Sales people need to make time for curiosity. We can't just assume that we're going to go about doing the normal stuff we do and brilliance is going to happen. Make time and even if that means you just start right now with an hour a day or an hour a week and that's all you can handle, make some time. Even during COVID you can get out, explore a little bit even if it's just in a park and as places start opening up. Wander around looking for some interesting ideas of businesses that are getting back and doing business and how those ideas could help you and your organization.

The other is I'd like you to get together with your colleagues every week and pose a question that's a curious question that will spark your thinking and as a group, start to brainstorm questions like, "What do our customers really care about right now?" or, "'What if we could create the perfect new product or solution, what would be different?" or, "How could we do a better job of using technology?" or, "What would our amazing no-touch customer service look like?" or, "How do we make our customers smarter than they ever imagined possible?" Think about questions like that as a way to regularly spark your team curiosity."