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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Nov 27, 2023

This is episode 640.

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Today's show featured an interview with Covideo sales leader John Simpson and his customer, Group Management Services Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) David Swift.

JOHN'S ADVICE:  "Don’t be afraid of the phone. Don’t be afraid of texting. Don’t be afraid of video. Don’t be afraid. You’re just a human trying to sell their stuff. The other thing I would say is something that I had an epiphany on recently, is don’t chase a title. Chase what you want your results to be."

DAVID'S ADVICE:  "Spend time in execution. It comes down to can you execute the plans in front of you? You don’t need to spend time in the areas to recreate the wheel as they say. There are people who’ve been in front of you, you just dive in and don’t accept mediocrity when you go do those things."