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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Nov 20, 2023

This is episode 639.

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Today's show featured an interview with L'areal Lipkins and her client Chelsea Bouvier, Sales Manager at biotech research company Sanguine. IES Women in Sales Program Director Gina Stracuzzi conducted the interview.

L'AREAL'S ADVICE:  "Slow down to speed up and ask “Where’s there a gap?” What’s the behavior that’s driving that gap? What’s the belief that’s behind that? What are the behaviors that we’re doing or not doing that is generating that on the back end? Is it something cultural that as an organization we have these beliefs around our industry, our product, the economy, whatever it is, that is creating those behaviors or lack thereof, that is getting the results that we’re getting or not getting on the back end?"

CHELSEA'S ADVICE:  "Stay consistent and go in with an open mind if you’re changing your sales process. Often, salespeople are close headed, “Hey, it’s working,” but you’re not always open to, “What else can I do to be better?” You’re just scared, what could go wrong? I would certainly say be open and then be consistent."