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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Dec 24, 2019

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VINEETA'S FINAL TIP TO EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “As sales people, we're in a unique position of speaking to hundreds of business leaders a year. We are closest to the market and what the market needs, and that's a powerful and fun place to be. Use it to learn and teach your prospects and your organization what you're hearing and you will quickly establish yourselves as a thought leader, close more deals and rapidly move up in the organization..”

Vineeta Mooganur is the Chief Growth Officer at Hanover Research. Her responsibility is to spearhead growth across key dimensions for their clients and for their employees. Hanover Research is an IES Premier Sales Employer (2019).

Prior to Hanover, she served as the VP of sales and partnerships at a healthcare startup. She was a managing director at CEB now Gartner and a case team leader at the management consulting firm Bain & Company.

This diverse experience of sales, client services, strategy and management has allowed her to give a unique perspective to her team as well as find unique ways to serve the market.

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