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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Apr 10, 2024

This is episode 661.

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Today’s show featured an interview with Greg Lullo, CEO of Alleyoop, and his customer, Terry Husayn, VP of Engagement at live conversation company Orum.

GABE’S ADVICE:  “You have to be practicing and you have to be consistently, consistently, consistently rehearsing that. I remember driving to work every single day when I was an SDR. My steering wheel was my best prospect. I was the guy like, “Who is that crazy person talking to himself on the way to work?” That was me because I was practice, drill, rehearse, practice, drill, rehearse. It’s second nature. Again, preparing what to say and don’t be lazy in language is super important.”

TERRY’S ADVICE:  “Business process map the processes the SDRs are taking a day, whether it’s prospecting, demos, follow ups, or proposals for AEs. You have no idea how much time is wasted not selling. You also have all the tools. You likely have the Salesforce, ZoomInfos and Gongs and everything. You have the exact same tech stack that your competitors do, but your competitor probably is automated twice as much as you have. Take a look at your rev ops stack, look at what your team is doing. I guarantee you there’s 50% plus more efficiency there that you just haven’t even deployed.”