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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Sep 22, 2021

This is episode 409.

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LINDAS TIP FOR EMERGING SALES LEADERS: "I alluded to affirmations, and we started our conversation today with visualization. As you go to sleep at night, as you turn off the light, all the lights that you may be looking at, start to take some deep breaths and visualize what you want your life to be. When we were teenagers, this was called daydreaming. When we were little kids, it was make-believe. We as adults I think have forgotten that, and you need to go back to that. If you then think about what it is you really want – not what you don't want, you don't want to be focused on what you don't want. What do you want? Really visualize. If you spend a little bit of time as you're drifting off to sleep putting that into your head, then even if you want to have double the impact, make that a part of your morning routine as you wake up, "What do I see this day?" What is your intention for the day, and what do you want to see happen to this day? Whether or not it happens and whether then the negative self-talk comes in and says, "But it won't happen because of this," really, again, stay with that positive intention and in that visualization, or the daydreaming, or even that make-believe. That will change what chemistry is even going on within your system and in your brain, because what we think about, we become. Where you're at right now, you at one point thought about. I know I see that continually with my clients, I've seen that in my own life. We always need to keep our mindset in wherever it is we want to be going, growing and developing that picture of what it is we want."