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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Aug 25, 2021

This is episode 398.

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GENA’S TIP FOR EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “My advice for any listeners after today is to go sign up for something that makes you totally uncomfortable. Go do something that’s not your plan, not your path and gives you an opportunity to meet some new people. I feel like every time you build your network and expand your network, you find new opportunities and ways to be creative and be fulfilled. Go do something that’s not even in your plan for the next half of this year.”

KELLIE’S TIP FOR EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “Trust your gut, say what you want to say and speak up for yourself even if it makes you uncomfortable to that point. One of the best things I think I ever did was went and took a public speaking course. I still think it’s great to continue to take, but if that’s something that makes you uncomfortable, I agree with Gena. Do it, get yourself out there. One of the things also is use tools that are out there that make yourself uncomfortable. If people never see you again, they never see you again.”