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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Jan 20, 2020

This is episode 201.

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PAUL'S FINAL TIP TO EMERGING SALES LEADERS: "Impact your own success. Don't rely on having that great sales engineer - you become the sales engineer. If you're a sales consultant and you really understand your product and you can deliver value to that company, they will view you differently."

Paul Skurpski is the VP of Sales at XTIVIA. He was the VP of Sales at PVBS, which was purchased by XTIVIA in March of 2018.

PVBS launched in 2003 and Paul has been the VP of Sales from Day 1. PVBS is well known in the Microsoft world.

This is one of the first interviews we've ever done with a business owner who took over the role of VP of Sales and has had tremendous success.

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