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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

May 28, 2022

This is episode 514.

Tips for sales career success.

Read the complete transcription on the Sales Game Changers Podcast website.

May is #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth.

J.P.'S TIP: "Go back to elimination. Eliminate pork, gluten, and genetically modified (GMO). Try to eat as organic as you possibly can. Eliminate artificial sweeteners, the artificial sweeteners are going to be in almost everything, but they’re neurotoxic and they stay in the body, your body actually cannot get them out, so you have to do cleansing regimens in order to get them out. Your body needs time to heal and cleanse, so the bottom line would be to take time for yourself, take time and as opposed to always thinking that you’re growing and can affect your body in growth, take time to cleanse your body as well."