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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Oct 17, 2022

This is episode 556.

Tips for sales career success.

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JUDY’S TIP: “One of the things that I see is lots of times, women in particular are reluctant to put themselves out there on LinkedIn and in social media in general. Part of that is the haters and the trolls, because we all know that women are so subject to haters and trolls, and that they can be absolutely awful. But you can’t make a really big difference in the world without taking some risks and without putting yourself out there. When you have the courage to take that big step and say, “I’m going to do it,” it can be worth it.

LIZ’S TIP: “Just get started. People get analysis for us when it comes to LinkedIn. They think about posting, they debate, they craft a post, they’re editing it, everything has to be perfect. The more that you practice, the better that you become. It could bring you the world if you just get started with it.”