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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Dec 28, 2021

This is episode 449.

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Colleen's TIP: "Carve out some time between now and December 31 to really take a good, hard look at what happened this year, analyze the numbers and plan to make some changes. One of the first things I would do is look at what's working even if I don't necessarily like it and then commit to doing more of that in January, including maybe getting a mentor or finding someone in the organization who's been more successful than you and reaching out to figure out what they're doing that was such a success this year. I think that will help you to create some activity, remember that action creates motivation, not the other way around. If you can find someone who has great ideas on what's creating success in your marketplace today right now and you implement them, you're going to be more motivated which is going to help your mindset."