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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Dec 27, 2021

This is episode 448.

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David’s TIP: “I’m a huge believer in a concept that I originally learned from the Grateful Dead and that concept can absolutely be applied to sales and many salespeople do, however, a lot don’t. That’s the idea of giving gifts without any expectation of anything in return. The Grateful Dead allowed concertgoers record their concerts for free as long as they didn’t sell them. What does this mean for salespeople? The more helpful you are, the more valuable information you provide, the more that you help people not just by helping them to understand your company and its products but just by creating something valuable or linking to something valuable or sharing a news story that you see that your potential client might be interested in, the more you’re seen as being somebody who’s providing something or value, the more people will be drawn to you who will become your fans and will more likely want to buy something from you.  Note that it’s not free if require an email address, That is precisely the wrong thing to do because that’s a coercion technique, that’s like saying to somebody, “No, you cannot have my white paper unless you give me something first, your email address.” That’s not a good way to sell in my mind, that’s not a good way to build fans in my mind, better to give it away.