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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Nov 19, 2021

This is episode 436.

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BARRY'S TIP: "I recommend using what I call a process play in email, where you communicate with the customer your understanding of the steps that they have to go through to get to issuing a contract or an order. You don’t want to do that after the first call, but after you’ve spoken to the customer, validating those steps often gives you insight into, wait, there’s an additional step or no, we can skip this step because of this size of the purchase. I really recommend putting that to use, a really crisp email, something that somebody can read right on their phone just verifying, here’s the steps we’re going to work through together to get this completed.

MATT'S TIP: "Trust but verify what your customer’s telling you. You need to ask them to make sure you understand their full process. Do they have a legal review? Do they have security review? Whether there are approvals and so on, and then hold them accountable to that. Also, stop asking times that your customer is free to schedule a call and instead, just send the meeting request. You can send your email that says whatever information you need to tell, and at the end you say, “I’m sending you a meeting request at this date and time. If it doesn’t work, please suggest a new time.” It cuts down on that process of going back and forth so many times, and it’s been very successful for us."