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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Jun 23, 2021

This is episode 376.

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NICOLE’S TIP FOR EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “The most impactful thing that any of us can do is really understand ourselves, and be able to articulate that really clearly to others. Spend some time getting really deep around what it is that both you’re really good at, and energizes you. I would highly recommend looking into Marcus Buckingham’s Strengths-based Leadership. He has a lot of guidance around how to do that analysis. Think about your best day at work. What were you doing on that day? Were you talking to large groups of people? Were you working quietly? Were you doing deep analysis? Was it public speaking? Get really, really clear about what it is that you enjoy doing what you want to do, and use that as a guideline.It’s often more important what we don’t do with our time, because that’s what dictates how much time we have to do the things that we want to do. 

RILEY’S TIP FOR EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “Don’t be afraid to tell people what you want and put it out there. It sounds a little a little silly like put it out in the universe and then it’ll come, but there is truth in it. If you want to go into leadership, start telling people that that’s a goal for you. Ask for mentors to help you in that direction. Be clear about your expectations. Women are special in this industry, and we are an asset to our employers and so we’re allowed to have that moment.”