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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Nov 17, 2020

This is episode 292.

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MIKE’S TIP TO EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “There are five different ways to respond to an objection with the acronym READY. You can REVERSE an objection, hit it right back at them with, “That’s exactly why.” The reason a Reverse is so powerful is because the reason you’re against it is the reason you should be for it. You can EXPLAIN what happened and that’s a perfectly reasonable answer, it’s not an argument, it’s just, “Let me explain what this is. You can ADMIT something. Occasionally there will be a bad piece of news, they’re going to look at how you DENY that. Vehemently, strongly, affirmatively deny that that happened. Finally, ask WHY. It buys you some time and it gives you more information.”