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Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

May 22, 2020

This is episode 236.

Read the complete transcript on the Sales Game Changers Podcast website.

This is a replay of the Sales Game Changers Panel Webinar hosted by Fred Diamond, Host of the Sales Game Changers Podcast, on May 20, 2020. It featured sales leaders Gary Milwit (JG Wentworth) and Expert Sales Trainer Bob Greene.

BOB’S TIP TO EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “What’s my advice for sales professionals today? First thing I would do is pick up the phone. When you’re having a conversation with your prospects, just pick up the phone and say, “I’m calling to see how you’re doing. I want to understand your business and what challenges you’re facing.” Once your prospect realizes that it’s not a sales call and that it’s a caring call that’s huge because now you have an opportunity to hone your phone skills and build rapport the same time.”